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Sussex Police have purchased a fleet of redeployable CCTV cameras from Revader Security, primarily for use on lampposts and urban infrastructure.

The Transit-lite mobile cameras are ruggedised outdoor surveillance solutions which have been proven over many years to deter crime and secure vital video evidence for prosecution.

Cost-effective solution

Using the Revader EasyFit bracket system, police operators are able to regularly re-position each camera to respond to the movement of crime hotspots, antisocial behaviour, vandalism and other street crime around the locality. As the units can be installed in virtually any location within minutes, only minimal planning is required.

Revader Security proposed a cost-effective solution of coupling an auxiliary camera to a Transit-lite unit

In this instance, Revader Security proposed a cost-effective solution of coupling an auxiliary camera to a Transit-lite unit to provide twice the visibility and coverage. The Transit-lite unit contains the recording and transmission technology and acts as a server to the auxiliary camera. It also has the capacity to host other specialist cameras, such as those for number plate recognition (ANPR). Live and recorded footage is quickly and easily retrieved over the 4G mobile network.

Redeployable camera solutions

A member of Sussex Police’s Divisional Operations Team commented: “We have been really impressed by the Revader cameras, which are straightforward to install, easy to use, and have provided us with some very high quality CCTV evidence”.

Stuart Caldecourt, Managing Director of Revader Security commented: “The use of another PTZ camera on the same Transit-Lite unit has provided our customer with a significant operational advantage at an only marginal increase in cost, representing excellent value for money”.

Revader Security offers a wide a range of mobile CCTV and redeployable camera solutions for all applications, including those with low or zero power. The company continues to support Police and a variety of clients in the public and private sector.

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