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Panasonic Public Safety Solutions Division, a business unit of the newly formed Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Co., Ltd., announces the immediate availability of Panasonic IDguard, an identity redaction solution that reduces up to 90% of the manual effort associated with editing video files of sensitive content.

In developing this solution, Panasonic has combined AI and machine learning technology to automate the video redaction process,” said Bill Brennan, President of Panasonic i-Pro Sensing Solutions Corporation of America. “Panasonic IDguard can greatly lighten the burden for hardworking law enforcement officers.”

Streamline file editing tasks

With the growing volume of video from body-worn, in-car cameras, and other sources, agencies have been forced to allocate more and more personnel time to editing video to fulfil Freedom-of-Information-Act requests. One of the most time-consuming aspects of this is the manual redaction of individuals’ faces to address privacy concerns.

Panasonic IDguard can also reduce the time needed for the manual processes of uploading

With Panasonic IDguard, this redaction is fully automated, saving a tremendous amount of time for resource-strapped agencies. A user-friendly application, Panasonic IDguard enables agencies to streamline file editing tasks and respond to Freedom-of-Information-Act requests quickly. Panasonic IDguard can also reduce the time needed for the manual processes of uploading, storing, searching, editing, and sharing video content.

Critical editing capabilities

It includes the capability to upload multiple videos for overnight batch redaction processing. The interface is easy to learn and use, and a comprehensive set of administrative tools provides strict, secure, multi-user management with critical editing capabilities.

With support for all videos in the MP4 format including video from iPhones and Android devices, Panasonic IDguard also offers flexible configuration options with on premise storage now, and cloud-based coming in the summer. Ingestion APIs make integration and communication with existing systems easy, including Panasonic i-PRO’s Unified Digital Evidence (UDE) solution. Scalable options are available to fit any user’s budget, access, or security needs.

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